In this Splash Screen Tutorial example using Android Studio , you will learn about creating Splash Screen android app using Android Studio.

The first and foremost thing required to create a Splash screen is two activities , one which would contain the contents of the Splash screen, ex a gif , png image or a text view, and the other activity which is the activity to which the splash screen would redirect to , usually your Main Activity.

To make sure that Splash Screen Activity is the first screen to be launched you need to add the below code in your Android Manifest file.

Where splash screen is the name of your activity.

What the above code does is, it makes the Splash Activity as the Launcher activity so that your App knows that it should first Open the Splash Activity.

The next step you need to do, is to write a code to redirect to the second activity but with a delay of 5000 (in my case) [In Milliseconds] so that your next activity is called exactly after 5 seconds of launching the splash activity.

Code Snippet for Splash Activity in Android :

That’s it. You are done. This sums up the Android studio tutorial for creating Splash Screen android App.