Android is an open-source versatile working framework that consolidates tons of open-source projects . Precisely what this means is that, you have access to the source-code of the framework which is running on the device. Google has additionally pulled-together a major number of organisations (known as the Open Handset Alliance) that just provides them an opportunity to make full use of the Android OS in the products that they manufacture. This means there is a division broad backing for Google’s OS, guaranteeing support from various industries, and also ensuring wide adoption among well known vendors.

Why Android?

There are various good reasons for using the Android framework:

1. Zero startup prices to start the development.

The development software are free to download and use, and Google simply charges a modest fee to distribute programs on the Android Marketplace.

2. Liberty to innovate.

The Android OS is an open source system and based on Linux kernel and also has multiple open source libraries. In addition to building apps to run on Android devices, computer programmers are also liberated to give to or expand the platform at the same time .

3. Liberty to collaborate

Android developers will not be asked to sign an NDA and therefore are motivated to collaborate and share source-code with each other. Based on a survey by Black Duck Software, the amount of open source programs and libraries grew up in a scale of 168% from 2008 to 2009, quicker on Android than any another platform. What this means is more code you could reuse in your endeavors to create them and to also market faster.

4. Open supply model

Not many constraints are put on the information or functionality enabled in Marketplace, and programmers are free to distribute their apps through other distribution channels as well.

5. Multiplatform assistance

There really are a large number of devices driven by the Android OS, including a variety of phones and tablet notebooks. Development for the system can happen on Windows, Mac OS.

6. Multi-provider support

Lot of telecom carriers now support Android powered cellphones.